Harley Davidson Voucher Give Away

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Rules of the Give Away!

Lets face it we had to throw some rules in otherwise this would be too easy..

Give Away Starts on 1st May 2023 until 31st May 2023 (Ready for Riding Season)

1 Point = For sending email invite
5 Points = Account Activation

Taking Part
1. The Harley Davidson Gift voucher will be emailed to the users email they signed up with.
2. You must have already changed your profile picture from the default MeetupMoto helmet image.
3. The New user must also change their profile image.
4.The Winner will be the member that has accumulated the most points and sits at the top spot by the end date.
5. The winners data will be verified using the criteria set out below to make sure the rules have been adhered to.

Email Invite Count: 1. Only one email to a person or persons, only one email to be sent to a specific email address, if you revoke the email invite, your points will also be revoked. The person you invited has to sign up with the email you sent the invite to. – 2. The user must: Activate Account – Log In – Change Profile Picture – Post Pic of their Bike(s) to be counted, if the user only does one or some then he or she will not be counted until all is complete. No time limit is set for your invite to complete the steps but he or she must complete the steps before the end of the give away. User email address must be an official .com address from; iCloud – Gmail – Outlook/hotmail – Yahoo – AOL and other renowned email provider names. Your invite will be blocked if registering with known spamming mail systems and then your will also be blocked and registered as a spam account.
3. The invite must be a resident of participating countries: USA, UK, CAN, AUS, BE, DN, DK, FR, AT, FI, JP, BR, ES, SE, HU, IT
*The Leaderboard will update every 12 hours so don’t panic if you are still running behind the leaders.
*If you do not have a participating eVoucher Harley Davidson dealership near you we are happy to accept a payment for a specific Authorised Harley Dealership for the equivalent amount of £100, $100, €100 vouchers.
4. Be assured that the member that scored the most points will have their email invites verified to make sure all invites sent are legitimate addresses (trust us our team can tell…) and that the rest of the guidelines were followed. If the first prize member didn’t fallow the rules or has questionable email invites… Then the prize will fall to the second member and so on.
5. If whilst taking part in this giveaway any user invites in any know spam or malicious accounts or any known entity that is set to cause harm to software platforms then that user will be removed with legal action in line with out terms and conditions.
*Any discrepancies please contact us at [email protected] for further questions.


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